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This afternoon I did one of the most relaxing things you can do in Central London: I watched other people sketch Dinosaurs. The event was a book signing to promote the new book: Dinosaur Art, The World’s Greatest Paleoart. I’ve only flipped through it briefly but I have to say, if you have any interest in Dinosaur art whatsoever, this book is a must-have. Amazon are even doing a £13 introductory offer if you hurry. I heard about the book signing long before the Natural History Museum started advertising their event with the artists. After reading the tweets of those who had gone to the latter I was starting to think I should have got my copy of the book there instead. Today’s event did not disappoint.

The arrangement was quite informal, with 6 of the book’s contributors lined up, taking questions as they sketched. In a break with tradition, I had brought a sketch with me for Darren, depicting his April 1st Dropgorgon.


My original idea had been to draw the Dropgorgon being intimidated by a Diatryma but my model was far too relaxed and predatory-looking for it to have worked.

I shall, no doubt, write a more in-depth review of the book once I’ve poured over it more thoroughly but, for now, here’s a montage of the pictures you won’t find in your copy: